Asbestos Removal

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is the general name given to a range of different naturally-occurring minerals ("silicate minerals"), which all contain long, thin and strong crystal fibres. The strength and nature of the fibres made asbestos a popular choice of building material, because it was durable, fire resistant and was a very good insulator. Asbestos was particularly popular in Australia in around the 1940s, until the 1980s.

However, it has been discovered that the inhalation of asbestos fibres has significant health risks. As a result, Australia banned the use of all forms of asbestos from 1 January 2004. Asbestos installed prior to this date was not banned, and so many buildings in Australia still contain some asbestos.

What are the risks?

The health risks of asbestos are now well known and well publicised, particularly in Australia. Breathing in asbestos fibres for a prolonged period of time may cause a number of diseases, including asbestosis, lung cancer, mesothelioma and other non-cancerous diseases of the lungs. The risk of developing an illness from asbestos increases with the number of exposures a person has with asbestos fibres, particularly when those exposures are in areas that have a high concentration of fibres in the air.

WorkSafe Victoria advises that asbestos "is not considered a significant health risk as long as it is in good condition and remains undamaged and undisturbed." The health risks are therefore most relevant when building renovations, repairs or demolitions are occurring. When asbestos sheets are disturbed, broken or cut, they are more likely to release asbestos fibres into the air, increasing the risks. For this reason, it's important to always take safety precautions when dealing with or removing asbestos from your site.

Refer to the following website from WorkSafe Victoria regarding the health problems associated with asbestos:

Safe asbestos removal

Safely removing asbestos from your site can be a difficult process and it's vital that you do it in a way that minimises the risks. It's safest to leave asbestos removal to the professionals than to risk your health and that of your family or co-workers. Victorian Scaffolding Services have the skills, the experience and the equipment necessary to ensure safe removal of asbestos from your site. If you'd like to discuss our asbestos removal services, please contact us.

Already started your project?

If you've already started your renovation or demolition project and have discovered traces of asbestos, or suspect you've found asbestos, please give stop all work and give Victorian Scaffolding Services a call as soon as possible.

It's not worth the risk!

Where asbestos is present in a renovation or demolition job that has already started, it's important to get the experts in as soon as possible to assist. Give us a call today!