Privacy Policy

Scope of this Policy

This privacy policy outlines how Victorian Scaffolding Services will collect information from this website, how that information will be stored and how it will be used. Note that this policy applies only to information collected from your use of this website, and does not extend to interactions you have with Victorian Scaffolding Services outside of this website, including sending us an email or other interactions.

Information we collect from this site

Victorian Scaffolding Services does not collect any personally identifiable information from our website. However, we do collect information about you, your demographics and your use of our site, being information which is not personally identifiable information.

Our website use Google Analytics to collect general information about you, including where you are located (based on your Internet Protocol Address), your browser type and version, how you arrived at our website, which pages of our site you visited, and various other information.

Google Analytics uses website cookies and a JavaScript code that we have included in the coding of our website pages, and which is designed to collect relevant data and information about your visit. That information is sent to Google’s servers using the JavaScript code.

The information collected by Google is not your personal user information, but rather, it's more general information that assists Google Analytics to create website analytical and statistical reports. We use these reports to help us understand the browsing behaviour of our visitors and the general aggregated profile of our visitors, which in turn allows us to better tailor our website to give you and future users a better experience when visiting our website.

More information about Google Analytics

If you'd like to learn more about Google Analytics, or the information that it gathers and how that information is handled once sent to Google's servers, please visit You can also choose to opt-out of the information gathering process that Google Analytics uses. If you would like to opt-out of this process, please visit the link above.

Your questions and concerns

If you have questions regarding our privacy policy or any concerns about any of the above, please contact us using the details outlined on our Contacts page.